What should I do with a squirrel after I catch it?

Ideally, you won't have caught a squirrel at all. The best way to get rid of squirrels, and a number of other wild animals that may invade your home, is with exclusion methods - the animals leave your home to hunt for food, but they can't get back in again. You are then free to seal those holes and stop any further wild animal invasions, whether it's from a squirrel or others - raccoons, rats, bats, opossums, snakes ... Relocation isn't way successful after you have caught the animal also. The situation is highly stressful for a small animal, and squirrels have been known to fling themselves around a cage, seriously harming their little bodies. The stress alone can kill the squirrel, and that's before you then relocate it - in an area it won't know. It won't know where to find shelter, food, water, or anything that it needs, and it'll be away from its family also. A squirrel in the attic, or anywhere else in your home / building, is likely to be a mother, and that means there are babies in tow. Are these babies still in your home? If you've caught the mother squirrel in your trap, you'll have no way of finding out... until the babies have died, the bodies have started to decompose, and you're faced with the difficult task of finding the bodies and then disposing of them properly. Is that a job you really want?

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There are many ways of catching squirrels; however, people wonder what to do after they catch it. There are many distinct options you may use to get rid of a squirrel after trapping them. However, this depends on your location, some parts of the United States do not allow you to kill wild animals. Also, some people reside in places where there are no wooded areas. Therefore you should be very wise on getting rid of the term. Some people thinks they may feed their pets with squirrels meet; this is not good. You should avoid t feeding them with the squirrel meat since you are not aware whether the concrete squirrel is healthy or has some diseases. Some of the things you should do after you have caught it is as below.

Relocate Squirrel to Faraway Place while inside the trap
Relocation is among the most recommended method of removing squirrel, Michigan professionals encourage people to use it, therefore if you succeed in trapping Detroit squirrel in your trap, what you must do is transport it with your car, drive to a place with no buildings and then release it to go. The squirrel will be able to survive easily in a new location

Don't Kill the Squirrel inside the Trap
You should ensure, that you shouldn't kill Michigan squirrel you caught in your cage since it may engage you into some problems depending you your location. For example if you are in United State you are not allowed by law to kill the Detroit squirrel. Therefore relocation remains to be the best option. Many of the recommended Squirrel traps, catches Squirrel without harming them. After you catch it, you shouldn't kill or harm it. For you to catch a Squirrel without damaging it, you should be well trained on how to use the trap. However, you should never try to get rid of it after you have trapped it on your own. Squirrels are dangerous and mean to people and can carry many types of bacteria as well as diseases. After you have caught a Squirrel you may try to catch it do not ever try to remove from the trap alone; it may bite you if you bare bitten you may fall sick, and you may be at a risk of contracting rabies which is a common disease among squirrels. Rabies in people can be deadly.

Another method is taking the trap to a wooded region for instance in a park and release it to wild, to do this , you are supposed to be about 30 miles away from the Detroit areas where human live and then release it to the wild. It has been assured that the squirrel won't come back to your house and you will be able to live clear conscience life knowing it won't come back again

Killing the Squirrel inside the trap
Killing squirrel inside the trap may help you to live a free life but not of clear conscience. However if you can be able to handle the guilty conscience supplementary to killing a helpless animal. Then you can continue and kill it. On the other hand, you should be ready to face the consequences if you reside in a place where killing a squirrel isn't legal.

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