Photos of Damage from Squirrels in Attic - Torn Ducts, Wires, Pipes

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I wrote this article about squirrels damaging trees, because people have been asking. Here is information about squirrels in the garden. Also, based on reader request, below is a list if good squirrel removal companies throughout the US.

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What kind of damage do squirrels cause in an attic? Squirrels can cause extensive damage to any area of your home, but they are renowned for wreaking havoc in attics if they are left to their own devices. Anything that gets in their way will be chewed or gnawed through, with razor-sharp teeth. Super-sharp claws help to tear open soffits and fascias that get in their way, and all together, you've got yourself a pretty destructive recipe for disaster. They will first find a small hole which they will make bigger. They may also do this with several holes, although there is usually one main "primary" entrance. They will bring material from outside your home into the attic, with the intentions of building a nest. It's probably a female squirrel, by the way, and she's looking for somewhere to set up home to have her babies. That nesting material can pose a fire risk when it's teamed with the chewed electrical wiring - something else that squirrels are well-known for. A fire in the attic would be devastating to your home. Even if the squirrels do not chew through electrical wiring, the attic insulation will need to be replaced. Squirrels will often have bathroom areas, and the urine will attract other squirrels. The droppings post a disease risk too, and that's why you'll want to get rid of it properly with a strong enzyme cleaner.

Throughout the year, there are tens of thousands of homes across the U.S. and the world that will be a victim of squirrel infestations. A family of squirrels that moves into your attic often ends up costing home owners massive amounts of money, frustration due to damages and repair time. Although homeowner's insurance will often cover some of the damage, it is still takes your time to clean up the mess and repair the damages left behind. A Squirrels path of destruction begins with them literally scratching and clawing their way to the top of your house and across your roof. Here they will find a weak spot, and begin to gnaw, chew, and claw entry holes in the exterior of your soffits or roof edges to make a main entryway into your attic. By destroying the siding, ruining a paint job, or tearing up your roof the pesky squirrel has already caused major damage to your home.

Not only do these holes let in the elements, but other creatures can use them, and the cosmetic aspect causes your home to drop in value. After they have made themselves at home in your attic, they begin the to tear into your insulation for nesting, chew through wiring as though it were roots in their way, and leave a trail of refuse in their wake. They will rifle through any containers you have stored in the attic and pilfer paper or cloth goods, like pictures and baby clothes to use in constructing their nests. While enjoying a stay in your attic, the whole family will use it as their bathroom, dining room, birthing room, and dumpster. All the trash, fluids, and fecal matter will be absorbed into your attic insulation, walls, flooring, and rafters. Not only is this almost impossible to clean, but it also attracts other critters, and causes an awful stench that will permeate your home.

Many squirrels are known to carry a myriad of scary diseases likes rabies, the plague, and salmonella. Airborne diseases like salmonella are spread to you in the airborne dried out fecal matter of rodents like squirrels that you breathe in without even knowing it! These vermin are also a host to fleas, mites, and other parasites that can spread to your pets and family. They are dirty and carry in the fecal matter of other animals and a host of allergens into your home on their feet and fur every time they enter the attic. They will bring in food to feed their young from outside. Once they bring it in to the attic, the leftovers will rot, because a putrid smell, and this in turn can attract bugs and other scavengers like rats and mice if not completely consumed. If these problems are not enough to worry you, think of the percentage of squirrels that are going to die and decompose in your attic. This can occur from any number of causes.

Their bodily wastes, any left behind food, and their carcasses will remain to decay and cause a really horrific stink through your entire home. This, in turn, will attract a host of bugs and animals that are of carrion feeders. As you can imagine, this creates a whole new list of problems. The next time you hear squirrels playing up on your roof, or see a family of squirrel running round your house, you might take a closer look at your roof, and take precautions to make sure that you don't have any surprise guests coming to stay!

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