How to keep squirrels out of my garden - Infographic

When squirrels find their way into your garden, they will work hard to ensure that your farm produce is not thriving well. When they get into your garden, they will dig burrows and leave behind soil mounds and they will feed on your nuts and other bulb plants. The most significant thing to do is to come up with ways that will keep them out of the garden.

Sprinkling pepper around the plants
There are multiple types of pepper that you can spray around the base of the plants; you can also use other spicy seasonings if you do not have pepper. This will greatly help because squirrels will never get close to your garden. It is a trick that will make you smile when your produce is almost ready.

Trap and remove
It is the most effective technique because you will be able to catch, remove them and evacuate them from the garden. Cage traps are the best because they are big enough which makes it easy to trap the squirrels. All you have to do is to identify their entry points into the garden because it is the spot where you have to set the traps. It may be slow at times especially when squirrels avoid that entry point; that is why it is important to use several traps at almost all entry points. You have to frequently check on the traps and release the squirrels once they are trapped. You have to avoid harming or killing the squirrels. You can also use these traps to get rid of the squirrels:
  • Jaw traps
  • Paw traps
  • Homemade traps

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The only rule of using traps is that you have to be extra cautious to avoid harming them and you also have to be patient because it may take longer than expected to get rid of them.

The main purpose of using repellents is to scare them away from the garden. They are not very effective but they work to some extent. Repellents are usually divided into two; artificial and natural repellents.

Predator urine
The odor that is discharged when you sprinkle the urine around the garden will scare these rodents away and they will look for another option away from your garden.

Ammonia soaked in balls
Its odor is very strong and will drive squirrels away from you're the garden.

Squirrel sprays
They can be purchased from the local stores. The trick is to but different sprays to prevent the squirrels from getting used to a single smell from the sprays.

Water and electronic repellents
The electronic devices are significant because they can release high pitched noises that will irritate the squirrels and drive them away from the garden. Water sprays are equally important because they act as distracters that will prevent the squirrels from getting into your garden.

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