Squirrels in the Ceiling - How To Get Rid of and Remove Them

I wrote this site about squirrels in the attic, but many people hear the squirrels in the ceiling. If the attic is directly above the ceiling where you hear the running and scratching sounds of squirrels, then it's a classic case of squirrels in the attic.


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But squirrels can get almost anywhere in the architecture of a house - the eaves, the walls, and the ceiling - the gap between the 1st and 2nd floor, for example, or a drop ceiling, or a ceiling with a flat roof and no attic gap, etc. The remedy is pretty much the same no matter where the squirrels have set up shop.

Step 1) Note the time of year. If it's September or March, there's a litter of baby squirrels in the ceiling. You have to either find the nest and remove the young by hand, or wait until they are at least 5 weeks old (and mobile) before you begin any removal methods.

Step 2) Inspect the outside of your house, and find out how they got inside. There should be a hole or gap (or two). Seal off any extra open holes, and leave just the main hole open.

Step 3) Set multiple squirrel-size traps near the entry hole - bolt them to the roof or fascia or wherever the animals are getting in. Or, even better, set a repeater trap or a one-way exclusion door on the entry/exit hole, to get all the target squirrels in one shot.

Step 4) Once all the squirrels are out or trapped and relocated far away, seal the entry hole permanently, with steel.

Step 5) If necessary, clean and decontaminate the attic space, because of the squirrel urine and feces.

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There's really not much new to write here that isn't already posted on my main home page. Though you may be interested in Will a squirrel chew through the ceiling? The situation with squirrels in the ceiling is the same as having them in the attic. It's just a different part of the architecture. The only extra challenges with the ceiling gap area as opposed to the attic is that there's no space for a human to crawl around in the ceiling - this prevents easy removal of a litter of baby squirrels, it prevents easy application of eviction fluid, and it prevents good cleanup of squirrel feces afterward. All of these can still be done, but removal of a litter might require cutting a hole in the ceiling, or waiting 6 weeks until the young are up and running about, and then excluding them.


How To Get Rid Of Squirrels In Ceiling - You know that there are squirrels in your home, but you have searched everywhere and cannot find them. You have searched the roof, the attic, the basement, and even the walls to no avail. Have you searched in the ceiling? Believe it or not, that is one of the places where you will find squirrels in the most. The reason is that it is flat and dark in there so it makes for a perfect hiding place from predators. Squirrels also like to live under solar panels ona roof. If the squirrel could get food in there it would be in a little squirrel paradise; so how do you get rid of squirrels in ceiling? Keep reading for the answer. The ceiling is a complicated place to work in if you are trying to get a squirrel. They are faster than you and can move with a lot more ease in the small space that the ceiling provides. It may be a good idea to call a professional who will know how to get rid of squirrels in ceiling. If you want to do the job yourself you will need to install traps in there and that may mean making a hole in the ceiling to be fixed later. Once the trap is in place it is all a waiting game.

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I Have A Walk-In Ceiling, How Are Squirrels Getting In? Squirrels can be a problem with people living in all different parts of the country. You may go your whole life without having to deal with these pests. You may also be one of the unlucky few who have to deal with them in your garden, setting up shop in your shed or building the home in your attic. You don't want to just deal with them though, you want to get rid of them. If you are thinking, ‘I have a walk in ceiling how are squirrels getting in' you may want to consider the following. You'll want to check around the home for tree branches that are close to the house and trim these back. In addition to this make sure to check for any eaves that are loose or holes in the wall where they may be able to get in. Securing your home against the rodents is the first step to insuring you don't end up with them trying to make a home in your house. Another good way of keeping them from getting into your house is to make sure that items that can be food sources are kept tidied up. Keep lids on trash cans, rubbish picked up and protect your bird feeders with squirrel guards.

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Reader Email: I have a problem with a squirrel. It appears and I do not know how, but it seems to be in the ceiling above my kitchen. I have a 2 floor home, so it definitely did not get in from the attic or roof. How it got into the kitchen ceiling is unknown to me. Perhaps through the kitchen fan vent or who knows. How can I get rid of this pest or is there a way you can offer some assistance. Thank you

My Response: Yes, there more certainly is a good chance that the squirrels got into the house at roof level, went into the attic, and then down the wall and into the ceiling space above the kitchen. They do that all the time. They also might have gotten in at a lower point of entry. Houses have many potential areas. Luckily, with squirrels it's pretty easy to find the entry/exit point. It's usually fairly large, and sometimes even has chewing around it.

Some people have asked me about the use of poison for squirrels, but there is no registered legal poison, nor any effective one that I know of. And if poison does work, you'll just end up with the stench of rotting squirrel carcasses in your attic. Always use trapping and removal to get rid of squirrels in the ceiling. You probably won't be able to keep squirrels from gaining access to your ceiling, or at least the outside roof, since they are such great climbers and can jump so far. How far can a squirrel jump?

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