Squirrel Urine and Pee Smell In Attic or House

You can see some urine spots in the upper-left.

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Proper Way To Do Squirrel Urine Removal
Having squirrels in your home means that you will also have their urine and droppings in several spots. Most of the time, you will find both of them close by so if you have found squirrel urine then it is time to get to work with the removal. Squirrel urine removal is not so difficult once you have found it, but you will need a few things with you. You should make sure that you have rubber gloves to protect your hands, paper towels and some bleach to clean away the area.

The first thing that you have to do is clean all the feces that you find by picking them up. If they were in the same spot dry the area with the paper towels; the more absorbent they are the better. You should place the dirty paper towels in a plastic bag so that you can seal it and dispose it when you are done. Once the area is dry, then use the bleach. Depending on the surface you may want to combine the bleach with water. It is a good idea to wait a couple of minutes before drying up the bleach to make sure that germs are killed.

Squirrel Urine Vs. Rat Urine
Rodent urine, no matter what kind of rodent can be dangerous to your health. When you analyze squirrel urine vs. rat urine, rat urine seems to be the more dangerous of the two. There are several diseases that are associated with the different rat breeds in the world; some of those diseases include hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, salmonellosis and Tularemia. Out of those four leptospirosis and tularemia are the ones that are associated with squirrels. Because of those four diseases you should make sure that you remove the animals from your home and that you clean any rodent urine that you find.

It does not really matter which is worst when comparing squirrel urine vs. rat urine, because you will have to clean it anyway. You should take precautions so that your skin does not come in contact with the urine. You should wear rubber gloves to avoid contact. You should also buy a mask so that you do not inhale any dust that is contaminated when cleaning the urine because that is a way that a disease can enter your system. After you have dried the spot you should use bleach to make sure that you have killed all the bacteria in the area.

What Are The Squirrel Pee Causes?
Squirrels sometimes urinate to mark territory, or spread pheromone smells for communication or mating. And sometimes it's just that a squirrel that has invaded your home will eventually have to relieve itself. That means that sooner or later you are very likely to find urine stains somewhere that the squirrel has been in. You may then wonder, what are the squirrel urine causes? Of course the simple answer would be that all animals have to leave urine droppings after they eat and drink. You would think that making that statement would mean that the case is closed and that no more causes need to be discussed. That frame of mind would be too simple as there are other things to think about when you find such urine spots droppings.

To find the actual squirrel pee spots you have to look at a lot more than the urine stains or droppings. The first thing is to know that the squirrel has found shelter in your home. Where are the droppings located? If they are a place without food then more than likely there is an entrance close by where the squirrel is feeding from. There is also a possibility that the squirrel has found a food source in your home. That food source must be taken away so that the squirrel does not cause any more damage to your property.

Red Squirrel Feces And Dark Urine Are Hazards
Red squirrels, if they are in your house, will leave many places where you can find excrements. When you find poop, you will also find pee. If this is happening in a garage, thank your lucky starts because the cleanup is so much easier than when it is in your attic or some inaccessible place in your basement. In hour garage, just clean it all up after you have gotten rid of the red squirrel and then disinfect the area. You have to disinfect it very well because squirrels use the smell of urine to alert other squirrels of good places to live. For good measure, douse all the corners of the garage in ammonia or peppermint oil. Place red cayenne pepper heavily around your garage doors and other places that squirrels may find attractive as entrances. If the feces and urine are in your attic, a major cleaning project lies before you. Most likely, your insulation is soaked with squirrel urine. This is of a dark color so you will notice the stains right away. You will have to remove the heavy, wet insulation and discard it. Wrap it well in plastic bags. Wear protective clothing and a face mask when you do this because you can be sure that there are many bacteria and parasites within the insulation. Disinfect the entire area before you replace the insulation.

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