Our Locations - Get Squirrel Help

I have received so many requests for professional help with squirrels in attics, that I have spent hundreds of hours talking with hundreds of companies in all US cities about their wildlife and squirrel removal methods. I have compiled the below list of squirrel removal companies. Just click on the city below in your area for a company with the necessary knowledge and skills to solve your difficult squirrel in attic problem correctly.

If you don't see your town listed above, go to www.wildlife-removal.com, which has listings for over 600 US cities/towns.

Questions to ask any company before you hire

(The answers to all of the below should be YES):

- Do you perform home repairs to prevent squirrels from entering the home?
- Do you guarantee your work against squirrel re-entry?
- Do you use one-way exclusion doors if the situation allows?
- Do you enter the attic during your inspection?
- Are you mindful about the possibility of a nest of baby squirrels?
- Are you licensed and insured?
- Do you work 7 days per week, in case a squirrel is trapped on the weekend?
- Are you available to come to my house in the next day or two?

The answers to all of the below should be NO:
- Do you use poisons?
- Do you set traps inside the attic?
- Do you use lethal traps?