What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic?

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What should I do if I find a nest of squirrels in the attic? By that time an average person decides to go up to the attic and check what has been the cause of that constant scraping noise that has been the nuisance of many nights, and even though they might have been expecting to find one or two critters up there, often times it has already been too late, and what one could find instead is an entire nest of squirrels, with a female and its young offspring settled one's attic as their home.

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What follows next depends on each person's desire whether to keep or remove the squirrels, albeit the latter option is recommended due to the fact that a family of squirrels can cause a great amount of material damage to the house itself. Due to the fact that squirrels chew on just about anything, this can lead to a tremendous damage to electrical cables, walls, doors and plumbing. This can cause blackouts in the house and even flooding of the rooms, so the best bet is a safe and humane removal of the squirrels and their relocation to wilderness by following several key steps along the way.

First and foremost, a full and proper inspection of the house is required in order to identify all the entry holes which squirrels use, as well as finding the one which they use primarily. Squirrels have to leave the house for food and water, so the next course of action should be shutting off all the entrance holes with a steel mesh and leaving the main entrance hole open.

The second step to follow is creating a one-way exclusion door which is to be mounted on the main hole that squirrels use. By doing all of this, with all the secondary entrances sealed off, the squirrels are forced to use the one and primary entrance that has been left open, but once they go through it to leave the house, they will be unable to come back in due to the design of the door.

After several days have passed, your attic should now be free of any squirrel activity, and once it is, cleaning and densification of the area can be started. Removal of the nest, as well as all the feces and urine should be thorough and done safely.

Finally, in addition to material damage to the property, the health risk which squirrels pose to humans due to their feces is one of the main reasons for their removal. All of this can be executed successfully by following the methods described above, and thus restoring the attic once again to its former condition before the squirrel invasion. Read more about baby squirrels here, or About Squirrels.

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