What if a squirrel got inside my house?

The first thing you shouldn't do when you encounter a squirrel in your house, bedroom, kitchen, etc., is panic. In fact, the same can be said for any wild animal you may come across in your home or residential property. The chances are the creature is more scared of you than you are of it, and it doesn't want to hurt you unless it absolutely has to ... That's if you get in its way. If you have never had to trap and release a wild animal in your home before, or you wouldn't have the faintest idea of where to start, your best bet is to call in a professional and fully licensed wildlife rehabber who can deal with the squirrel for you. If this isn't an option, or you're waiting rot eh wildlife control technician to come to your property, keep the animal contained as best as you can. This will often mean keeping it sealed within one room, so that it can't interfere with anything or anyone else. If you can contain it further - into a live cage trap, for example, do so, but ensure the cage itself is big enough to house the animal without harming it in anyway, and also make sure you are protecting yourself. You'll need thick rubber gloves to protect you from those sharp teeth and claws, and with wild animals there are also disease risks to take into account - rabies, for example. These are animals you will definitely want to keep away from your household pets.

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Squirrels are beautiful creatures and they have a right to live however most of the time they end up living in areas restricted to them, they are supposed to inhabit far from human homes because they carry pests such as fleas and ticks which are harmful to your health.

What should you do when a squirrel enters inside your house or even your kitchen and bedroom, well below are some of the steps you should follow;

First and foremost, remain calm; in as much you are fear squirrels they are as well scared of you. Just like any other wildlife animals therefore stay calm since when it notices it's in a wrong place, it will quickly figure out on how leave your house and return to the environment its conversant to.

This wildlife has the same anxiety when it comes to responding to humans and so they will react in a very aggressive manner such that they will threaten you in favor of their safety. By remaining calm, you will stop the trapped squirrel from responding violently. Obviously the squirrel will react severely because it is not sure and have no idea on what to do next in an unfamiliar area of your house more so also avoid being bitten up by anyone.

If possible insulate the squirrel and separate your pets; this is to prevent your pets from attracting ticks, fleas as well as other diseases that can be spread between them. Make sure to transfer them to another room immediately. This is because of the following reasons;

-Squirrels carry disease so pets can easily catch
-Squirrels contain parasites such as ticks and fleas so pets can catch illnesses from these parasites
-Pets do bite or consume squirrels so supposing this animal is sick, the pets can seriously fall sick
-Diseases can be spread through a substantial scratch or a squirrel bite

Find out if a female squirrel has created a nest for her baby in your home; this is because when you remove a female which has nested babies in your house or rooms, it will try up and down to return and get back her younger ones, not only that it may also try to attack because she cares a lot for her younger ones and she will do all things possible to protect them.

How to find out if the female squirrel has a nest of babies in your house

-Explore 6meters feet all over the place you have found the squirrel
-Do not invade the space nearby a potential nest since the mother can attack thinking you are a hazard to her babies
-Shout a little the keep quire; you must hear noises responding to you noise from the little squirrels

Leave the young squirrels to grow up before removing them out; reason being the younger ones might even die as in they may not withstand the conditions outside there nest it will harm their health since the nest is their only safe home. If you are truly certain that they exist in your home, its either you contact a professional wildlife expert or be patient a little with them to become mature before evicting them.

If you are asked to leave them to grow for some time, it may not sound well most especially if the nest is either in the kitchen or bedroom and you can imagine how long it will take for them to grow it will make you very uncomfortable however it will be the most humane thing to do.

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