Do squirrels chew on wood in or on a house?

Squirrels will chew through a great number of materials if they have to, and when left alone to do as they wish, particularly in your home, the damage can be extensive ... and costly to repair! Some homeowners have reported repair works that have been in the region of thousands of dollars, and although some of the destruction will be covered by your homeowners insurance, you might not always be covered. This is something you will most definitely want to check. Squirrels chew wood for a number of other reasons than keeping their teeth a good length. They will use the chewed material to build a nest, for example, and they'll also use this chewing action to overcome an obstacle. If a wooden beam is in its way, it'll just chew right through, and a range of other materials also. If you are performing squirrel damage-repairs, you should ensure that you are using a strong and durable material, and steel mesh is often a good choice. Squirrels can't chew through this, although you will want to make sure it is affixed correctly and securely. Their sharp claws will tear it away otherwise. There are a few home remedies that you can try to stop squirrels from chewing and gnawing on the wooden beans and foundations in your home. Hot sauce is said to be quite effective for a while. The squirrels don't much appreciate the spicy side of things. This is something that will wash off, however, and also needs regularly re-applying.

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The first thing to remember when dealing with squirrels is that no matter how cute they look or friendly they behave, that squirrel is just another rodent with bad habits, no regards for you, and constantly growing teeth that can endanger your home and family. Squirrels can cost you valuable time and money, and cause you great aggravation. Squirrel damage will lower your home's curb appeal and cause a drop in value by destroying the look of the exterior with holes and scratches; they will damage your roof, chewing up the eaves, ridge, and soffits, leaving you exposed to the elements and other creatures. They can even endanger the structural integrity of your roof, walls, and home by chewing through weight bearing walls and support beams. No matter what style of home you live in, it was most likely constructed using a large amount of wood.

As we said, Squirrels have to constantly chew to keep their teeth ground down, and love to chew on wood. While they really prefer to find a good stand of trees or line of bushes, they are more than eager and willing to chew on any structure or material available to them at the time. Unfortunately, this means your house. They will chew through wood siding, trim, and baseboards to make a doorway in to your home. They will chew through rafters and support beams that are in their way as they build a nest in your walls. They will keep chewing as they progress through the crates that contain all your family's special mementos while looking for soft materials to line their nests with. Squirrels will continue on chewing through a door or trim boards to get to the food and water in your pantry or kitchen too. They chew up the outside skirting in order to get under your house or into a crawl space. In other words, those pesky squirrels will chew through everything just because that is what they do.

If you are on the unlucky side of a full on squirrel invasion, without professional help you might be in for a long standoff between you and a those fluffy tailed tree rats most of us call squirrels. Squirrels will try to out maneuver you at every turn. Trying to DIY is not a wise move. The only way to stop a squirrel's continued destruction for good is to be rid of all squirrels. That means traps or poisons. This is not an easy undertaking, and that is why we advise you to hire a professional wildlife/animal removal service. You can find one through your local Ag department, chamber of commerce, or often by asking your neighbors. A professional wildlife handler has the skills and knowledge to get rid of this little pest.

They have all the knowhow and tools to do the job fast, giving you back your home in no time! Using a professional also means you have no bodies to dispose of or squirrels to relocate. You don't have to pick up traps, or remove poisons. A reputable service will even take care of the messy cleanup! Once you are squirrel free be sure and discuss prevention with your serviceman, and let them help you avoid another infestation too!

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